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Latest news

Induction Bolt Heating – The Best Method for Tightening or Loosening

Since its inception in the early 1990’s, Induction bolt heating has been the best method to loosen or tighten large bolts and fasteners. There have however been many misconceptions along the way. One article claimed the use of the sound waves, while some engineers questioned the thread damage when bolts were disassembled. Some users were […]

Using Induction Heating for a Hot Tap Pre-Heat

                  Preheat for a Hot Tap using induction while the pipe is live and material flowing? Yes we can do that here at Thermo International in Flanders NJ. Our machines have the power to heat and overcome the heat losses of material flow within the pipe to […]

Best Induction Bolt Heating Machines on the Market

                        Thermo International builds the best machines on the market for #inductionboltheating, #retainingring removal and many other applications for the repair and maintenance of #powerplants and other heavy industrial applications. There are many imitators out there, but only one company leads the way and […]

Retaining Ring Project in India

                      Our affiliate company, SMIHPL in India, has been busy this season #heating #RetainingRings, supporting a major OEM and local professionals. Our knowledgeable technicians #worldwide used our own 100kW machines to quickly heat the rings for a #winding repair. Our system uses the fastest, most […]

Worldwide Customer Service

                  At Thermo International, our experience with #InductionHeating field applications is quite extensive. A customer was approached about using #HeatInduction to remove the #tube stubs in a #boiler in Western Australia. Thermo International was able to supply the #coils (in stock) as well as a supplying a […]

Induction Bolt Heating Is Much Faster Than Conventional Heating

Thermo International, an #engineering & #manufacturing firm in Flanders, #NewJersey, specializes in #InductionBoltHeating, a process 2 to 3 times faster than conventional heating. #BoltHeating #BoltHeat ThermoInternational.com.

ESC Induction & Thermo International Attend the World of Concrete Show

Thermo and ESC Induction have worked very closely together since both companies started more than 10 years ago. This year we pooled our resources and sent representatives from both Thermo International and ESC Induction to attend the World of Concrete Show in Las Vegas! Stay tuned for more as our companies plan to expand this […]

Growing, Expanding, and Working Together!

Did you know that Thermo International is part of a group of companies working together? By representing, supporting and working together on large projects, we remain flexible and adaptable to serve our customers’ needs. With offices in England, Spain, India and Canada our affiliates are spreading the products of Thermo international worldwide and with USA […]

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