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IS004 200kW Induction Heater Power Supply

Portable Induction Heating System

The Thermo International IS004 induction power supply was designed and built drawing on well over a combined 100 years of field experience with a vast range of Induction Power Supplies. This allows Thermo International the ability to leverage its knowledge base creating an extremely versatile system designed to work together. The Power supply can reach electrical efficiency ratings of over 95% combined with the advanced cooling path it reduces the total amount of water needed to cool the entire system. The output Lugs are designed to accept multiple types of adaptor blocks allowing users to heat Retaining Rings, Couplings and nearly any other shrunk on component with just a single machine.

Key Features

  • Conservatively rated 200 Kilowatt power supply
  • 2.5-12 kHz output
  • 380-480 volt 3 Phase (Not Phase Sensitive) input
  • 8GPM @35PSI Water Requirement.
  • 51” High, 47” Long, 29.5” Wide
  • Approximately 1250 Pounds
  • All Aluminum TIG welded 6061 frame
  • Upgradeable PLC based interface
  • HMI Display (Human Machine Interface)
  • Password Protected fault History
  • Inverter Block Design making field repairs simpler
  • Ground Fault System Standard
  • On board diagnostics eliminating the need for technicians to measure live voltages in the field
  • MIL Spec E Stop
  • Available Smart Phone remote screen application
  • Custom Designed Tappable Isolation Transformer to allow load tuning
  • Isolated Capacitor Towers to allow load tuning
  • Front Mounted On, Off, Emergency Stop, Power level control and Breakers
  • Rear Mounted Power inlet designed to take 6AWG to 500 MCM cable
  • Rear Mounted Water inlet and outlet utilizing Quick disconnect fittings
  • Stainless steel front and rear panel
  • Aluminum diamond plate exterior
  • Swivel castors for easy movement

The operator screen and the Process data screen are 2 of 10 basic screens for multiple sections and data logging of the machine and its functions. A key feature is the process data monitoring in real time. This allows an unskilled operator to relay vital voltages without actually being required to open a machine and measure in excess of 670 volts DC.

Other notable screens are the “Distance Screen” that displays only the output power level and if the machine is running or in a fault condition. This screen is meant to be used during any heating operation where the operator is up to 30 foot away from the display.

An additional screen covers the water temperature, flow and pressure switches within the machine. These can be bypassed on the screen with the use of a passcode. The operator no longer needs to enter the cabinet for basic trouble shooting or repairs.

Thermo International also offers many accessories for the machine. These include coaxial cables, Thermo Flex induction leads in 3 sizes, bolt heating inductors, custom coils, field and master repair kits, remote pendants, temperature profilers, fitting accessory kits and more to suit any client’s needs. All of these components are built in house in our Flanders NJ facility.

Machines can be purchased individually or in ready to use packages, the full package includes the Machine, 3 Thermo-Flex Cables, Fitting Accessory Kit, Water Hoses, and Water Manifold.

Repair Kits are also available.

Corporate Contacts

Jeff Weinacker
Email: jeffw@thermointl.com