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How To Use An Induction Heating Machine To Easily Remove Worn-Out Boiler Tubes

There’s now a smarter and more cost-effective way of removing boiler tubes that doesn’t entail a massive investment in new technology.

Thermo International, an engineering company specializing in induction heating, has found a novel way of using decade-old induction technology, and it’s sharing it with everyone.

Any power plant that relies on industrial boilers also makes use of boiler tubes, which inevitably degrade over time and therefore need replacement. However, as you probably already know, this removal and replacement process has hitherto been a massive logistical challenge for most power plants.

To counteract this problem, Thermo International is offering its induction heating machines as a means of removing degraded boiler tubes without causing costly damage to the external tube sheet.

Its solution entails the design of a specialized internal coil that can be inserted into the boiler tube to be removed. Once inside, the temperature of the coil will be raised to about 2500°F in about 30-90 seconds using an induction heating machine.

“This rapid heating causes the tube to attempt to expand but, since it is constrained by the tube sheet and is heated to a malleable temperature, the tube shrinks,” the company explained.


Easily removing boiler tubes


After reaching a certain level of malleability, you’ll be able to pull the tube out easily, resulting in zero damage to the fundamental infrastructure of the tube sheet.

While not a novel technology, induction heating still has numerous industrial applications today, according to Thermo International. “It is also easy to set up, offers a fast time-to-temperature, and delivers exceptional heating efficiency, accuracy, and uniformity in part temperature.”

Thermo International is an internationally renowned innovator in induction heating. They are headquartered at Mount Olive in New Jersey and have affiliates in Canada, South America, Europe, and Asia.

In addition to supplying induction equipment, it can help you with engineering services, device calibration, and preventive maintenance of induction machinery.

“Their top-of-the-line induction heating machines have helped our company increase productivity along with their world-class technical support,” one client remarked when asked about their experience. “I would recommend Thermo International to any business that is seeking for a reputable, sustainable, and professional supplier.”

If you’re in the power business, Thermo International is a name you need to know.

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