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Latest news

Thermo Intl. Offers a Variety of Engineering Services

  At Thermo International, we can help with any of your engineering needs. We offer engineering for any of the following: – Brazing coil design – Thermal expansion – Suggested recording equipment – Thermal analysis (heat flow) – Furnace design – Job site setup recommendations – Heat load requirements – Computer Aided Drafting in Solidworks

Thermo International Is Quite Busy Despite Covid-19

Despite the Coronavirus crisis which has affected many of our competitors, the Thermo International team is continually working (safely of course) creating new machines, enhancing features and creating new accessories. Our Thermo International IS001B induction power supply was designed and built on over a combined 100 years of field experience with Induction Power Supplies. This […]

Jun Induction Machine Fleet Services

Here at Thermo International we will come to your facility and preform general Preventative maintenance, Train your techs, Repair or install any upgrades or options the customer wants. Here we updated and inspected 14 machines in 3 days, calibrating all meters and continued to follow our internal documentation process that is ISO9001 compliant. These services […]

Bolt Heating Inductors

Do you own an Induction Bolt Heating Machine?  Thermo International builds and sells all size Bolt Heating Inductors for use with our bolt heating machines. With more innovations, Thermo International has improved water flow and added higher temperature coatings resulting in a superior bolt heating inductor. No longer does the outer jacket flake apart like […]

IS001B 120 KW Induction Power Supply

The Thermo International IS001 induction power supply was designed and built drawing on well over a combined 100 years of field experience with a vast range of Induction Power Supplies. This allows Thermo International the ability to leverage its knowledge base creating an extremely versatile system designed to work together. The Power supply can reach […]

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