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Coaxial Cables

Thermo International builds 3 different Coaxial cables for use with induction heating systems. All cables feature a robust Non Conductive outer hose and high pressure center conductor that creates a single electrical and water path. This makes changing coils in the field much easier as the electrical and water paths are one in the same. High pressure ratings well exceeding 5X for personnel protection and electrical grade silicone rubber molded end boots make the cable the most advanced and versatile cable on the market. With both high flow and high current models available as well as a smaller and larger size available these cables find many uses within the induction heating field and are specifically adapted to transfer power between 3 and 12 kHz up to 200 kW of power.

Highly Advanced Coaxial Cable Applications

Originally designed by Jeff Weinacker in his off hours during the 1994 slow season. The coaxial cable was built and proven to be successful for its intended application. Although other companies made cables at the time, none had the same capabilities nor were adapted to the specific use the cable was intended for.

Fast forward to 2014 and the original design is well outdated. Thermo stepped in and provided a much needed overhaul updating the design and expanding the product line while correcting the flaws. This produced a new product that not only preforms better electrically but has been adapted to improve its capabilities.

Pictured here is the Standard IA001 Coaxial Cable. Standard cables are 33 foot long with standard, readily available, brass 3/8 Flare connectors on each end. Custom connectors and lengths are available at the customer’s request.


Thermo International will work with any customer to provide not only full support, service and engineering, but also custom Proprietary cable designs. From alternate alloys and materials specifically aimed at any customers unique needs to custom labeling or Branding of the outer hose or custom colors to match the customer’s company color.

Standard hose colors are Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange, Tan, Black and Violet with a white Branding stripe with the customer’s name making the identification of your cables simple in any situation for a minimal additional cost.

Standard ends are 3/8 Brass flare fittings screwed in to 1/4 and 3/8 NPT threads. This design allows for any connector to be installed.

The Output end is covered by a custom molded Silicone boot made from an upgraded electrical silicone for durability and personnel protection. Replacement boots are available and in stock.

All our cables are tested to strict standards as set out and documented by ISO documented procedures. Test records are available to the customer for the cables purchased.

Corporate Contacts

Jeff Weinacker
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