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Celebrating 15 Years of Transforming Industrial Processes with Superior Induction Heating Equipment

Thermo International, a leading manufacturer of induction heating equipment, is proud to celebrate 15 years of revolutionizing industrial methods worldwide. Their commitment to excellence in design and engineering has led them to develop cutting-edge induction heating solutions that have helped a variety of businesses increase their efficiency and productivity. Since its inception, Thermo International has […]

Thermo International Introduces a Cost-Effective Technology for Boiler Tube Removal at Power Plants

Thermo International’s newly enhanced induction heating machines are capable of rapidly heating the bolts on a turbine or boiler tubes within a tube sheet without them ever coming into contact with the inductor. Its induction heating machines have been increasingly used in power plants to remove worn-out boiler tubes. More details can be found at […]

Power Plants Can Replace Boiler Tubes Rapidly With Induction Heating Machines

Need boiler tubes replaced at your industrial facility? For a rapid solution that won’t end up damaging your machinery, talk to Thermo International about their induction heating and boiler tube removal services. The New Jersey-based engineering group offers state-of-the-art induction heating solutions for power plants to save you time and money. Thermo International provides rapid […]

How To Use An Induction Heating Machine To Easily Remove Worn-Out Boiler Tubes

There’s now a smarter and more cost-effective way of removing boiler tubes that doesn’t entail a massive investment in new technology. Thermo International, an engineering company specializing in induction heating, has found a novel way of using decade-old induction technology, and it’s sharing it with everyone. Any power plant that relies on industrial boilers also […]

Power Plant Challenge Solved with Thermo International’s Innovative Induction Heating Machines

Induction heating has been around ever since Nicola Tesla discovered and harnessed the phenomena. His industrial applications made much of the modern world we know today possible. So what exactly is induction heating? Induction heating is a process designed to heat an electrically conductive material such as a metal for several purposes. It can thermally […]

Get The Most Efficient Induction Bolt Heating Solutions For Your Turbines

Make sure your machines and inductors are in perfect sync to deliver faster and more efficient bolt removal and installation. Turn up the heat with Thermo International. Experience the rapid results and effortless ease of induction bolt heating for your power plant or manufacturing base. Loosen or tighten stiff bolts in seconds with Thermo International. […]

Many Heavy Industrial Needs Are Solved with An Innovative Portable Induction Heating System

Thermo International created a trail-blazing induction heating system for the heavy industrial world with its launch of portable induction heating machines back in 2013. The company’s portable induction heating system promised to shake things up and years later, the facts are in. Even though there are other induction heating systems, Thermo International’s machines are portable […]

Induction Bolt Heating – The Best Method for Tightening or Loosening

Since its inception in the early 1990’s, Induction bolt heating has been the best method to loosen or tighten large bolts and fasteners. There have however been many misconceptions along the way. One article claimed the use of the sound waves, while some engineers questioned the thread damage when bolts were disassembled. Some users were […]

Using Induction Heating for a Hot Tap Pre-Heat

                  Preheat for a Hot Tap using induction while the pipe is live and material flowing? Yes we can do that here at Thermo International in Flanders NJ. Our machines have the power to heat and overcome the heat losses of material flow within the pipe to […]

Best Induction Bolt Heating Machines on the Market

                        Thermo International builds the best machines on the market for #inductionboltheating, #retainingring removal and many other applications for the repair and maintenance of #powerplants and other heavy industrial applications. There are many imitators out there, but only one company leads the way and […]

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