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Power Plants Can Replace Boiler Tubes Rapidly With Induction Heating Machines

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Need boiler tubes replaced at your industrial facility? For a rapid solution that won’t end up damaging your machinery, talk to Thermo International about their induction heating and boiler tube removal services.

The New Jersey-based engineering group offers state-of-the-art induction heating solutions for power plants to save you time and money.

Thermo International provides rapid heating of conductive materials to expand, soften, and heat-treat your components of choice. The company specializes in innovative designs that deliver efficiency, accuracy, and uniformity for industrial applications.

For induction heating that really solves big problems, make the smart choice for your power plant with Thermo International. More details here.

Thermo International’s induction heating methods save you valuable time, offering rapid heating to reduce operational delays. The company’s proprietary portable induction machine features a specially designed internal coil that can reach temperatures of up to 2500F within 30 to 90 seconds.

Induction heating works by harnessing electromagnetism to heat a conductive material – most commonly metals. By running alternating currents through an induction coil, looped electromagnetic fields are created which in turn move and heat the molecules of the workpiece.

The method was first discovered in the 1830s but found wider application in the 20th century, going on to form an essential part of the war effort in the 1940s.

Induction heating technology finds application in the removal of old boiler tubes in power plants. These tubes degrade and corrode over time and you need to replace them. Previously, heating torches were used to cut the tube which was then chiseled out of position. This process was time-consuming and often resulted in damage to the tube sheet. Thermo International offers you a more efficient and less damaging alternative, using its induction machine to rapidly heat the tube, causing it to shrink. The tube, while still hot, is then removed using a hydraulic device.

About Thermo International

The company, founded in 2009, offers an extensive array of services including bolt heating, solution annealing, tempering, and hardening alongside power generation, retaining ring, and turbine solutions. Thermo International retains its global reach with offices in England, Spain, Canada, and India.

A spokesperson says, “We, at Thermo International, believe in building the best performing products and machines. Through responsive repairs, knowledgeable technicians, robust design with quality control, combined with many years of engineering and field experience. Thermo International is confident we can supply the best quality, most versatile machines and products on the market.”

For more info, visit our website by clicking here.

Take your industrial operations into the future with Thermo International!


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