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How To Use An Induction Heating Machine To Easily Remove Worn-Out Boiler Tubes

There’s now a smarter and more cost-effective way of removing boiler tubes that doesn’t entail a massive investment in new technology. Thermo International, an engineering company specializing in induction heating, has found a novel way of using decade-old induction technology, and it’s sharing it with everyone. Any power plant that relies on industrial boilers also […]

Using Induction Heating for a Hot Tap Pre-Heat

                  Preheat for a Hot Tap using induction while the pipe is live and material flowing? Yes we can do that here at Thermo International in Flanders NJ. Our machines have the power to heat and overcome the heat losses of material flow within the pipe to […]

Retaining Ring Project in India

                      Our affiliate company, SMIHPL in India, has been busy this season #heating #RetainingRings, supporting a major OEM and local professionals. Our knowledgeable technicians #worldwide used our own 100kW machines to quickly heat the rings for a #winding repair. Our system uses the fastest, most […]

Worldwide Customer Service

                  At Thermo International, our experience with #InductionHeating field applications is quite extensive. A customer was approached about using #HeatInduction to remove the #tube stubs in a #boiler in Western Australia. Thermo International was able to supply the #coils (in stock) as well as a supplying a […]

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