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Another 200kW is born!

Here at Thermo International, the work never done.  Yet another 200kW induction power supply is due to be born within a week.  This one however is Special, with some really special controls it’s capable of so much more and within such a wide tuning range that it’s making the other machines nearly obsolete.

The Color touch screen (with an upgrade to the Wi-Fi option) can be displayed on any smart phone.  The on board diagnostics are far more in depth from pop up tuning suggestions to voltage monitoring and electronic password protected jumper systems nearly eliminating the need for the technician to enter the machine.

The optional temperature programmer can supply a controlled ramp and soak with multiple steps and hold features.  While the heavy duty load station provides exact tuning to nearly any load.  The electronics are self-adjusting to the primary voltage meaning this machine is truly a plug and play machine. No longer does any customer need a separate step up step down transformer to provide the machine with 480 volts only. These machines will operate on a 380 to a 575 volt primary.

Contact us for a quote and or a demonstration today at 973 970 9500 or contact me at jeffw@thermointl.com

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