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Remote Temperature Recorder RTR


The 18 Point Type K Thermocouple Remote Temperature Recorder, (RTR) for short, is a wireless recorder used in any application where the object in question is moving, no access to run the thermocouple wires, or the technician has limited space to work. This RTR model TS002 is compact, light weight and it is very easy to attach the batteries to the transmitter even when in motion.

There are 3 main components to the RTR:

  1. Transmitter
  2. Receiver
  3. Personal Computer

The transmitter has an 18 point type K thermocouple jack strip with two batteries attached , one to the left and one to the right side of the unit. It accepts thermocouple inputs then wirelessly transmits them to the receiver. The Receiver receives the signals from the transmitter and sends them to the computer via a USB cable. The RTR also has the capablity to connect multiple 18 point transmitter units if the job requires more than 18 points or the thermocouple wires are too far apart. The RTR uses the KIDS software for monitoring, acquiring and storing data.

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95 Bartley Flanders Road Flanders NJ 07836

Tel: (973) 970-9500

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Number of Points18 points
Input TypeType K thermocouple
Measuring Range-200 to 300 °C, -200 to 600 °C, -200 to 1300 °C
-392 to 572 °F, -392 to 112 °F, -392 to 2372 °F
Temperature ScaleCentigrade or Fahrenheit
FrequencyISM band 2.400 to 2.4385 GHz
2.1 dBi RPSMA Male Dipole Antenna
Measuring Cycle3 seconds
Accuracy Rating± 0.1%± 1digit
(for DC voltage and thermocouples)
Comm. Protocol MODBUS
AlarmUp to 4 alarms for each channel
Alarm TypeHigh, low, differential high, differential
low, rate of change increase, rate of
change decrease (no alarm output).
Enclosure Dimension10”x8”x6”
Power Source12 VDC Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Battery (Li-Ion).
Battery Run TimeOn a full charge, the batteries will last 24 hours.
Battery ChargerInput 110 – 220 VAC 50/60 Hz
Output 12.6VDC 350 mA


FrequencyISM band 2.400 to 2.4385 GHz
2.1 dBi RPSMA Male Dipole Antenna
USB Port1
Power Source110 VAC 60Hz
Battery Back-Up3 hours

Personal computer

There are 4 Software packages pre-installed for the Remote Temperature Recorder.

  • Zlinx Manager Used to configure com port setting.
  • KIDS Used to acquire data measured by the RTR.
  • PASS Used to changed the RTR parameter setting.
  • Replay Used to read, manage, convert, and print acquire data.

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